Happy FIRST birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my little little Man, today he is one and what a  journey it has been. This is basically our birthing story and how he came into this world...

So, it all started at 5.30 am, nine days after my due date, it was February 15th, 2018. I’d had a few twinges and, as time passed, they began to get more frequent. 
As it was half-term I had to call my mum to come and look after little big man. I then phoned the hospital around 9.00 am after having contractions seven minutes apart. They said to come whenever as, with this being a second baby, he could come quite quick. For some reason it didn't panic me, it didn’t even panic Steve, he was so calm. I checked my bag, had a shower, did my hair and make up and was looking quite glam. We even sat and had a cup of tea before we left for the hospital. 
We drove to the hospital, roadworks, stopping, starting all the way. Steve and I were having a laugh, dancing in the car, well, I was dancing in the car in between contractions. So mu…

Happy Birthday Little Big Man!!

So,  in honour of my beautiful little big man, who turned seven yesterday, I want to dedicate this post to him. I am in awe of how fast he has grown and what we have achieved over the last seven years.
I am going to start at the very beginning, the labour, ohh sweet Jesus! I was at an old friend’s house, we were ordering a dominoes, even though I wasn’t hungry, it was a Sunday evening (Sunday roasts weren't as precious to me then as they are now) I had a mild tummy ache, to be honest,  I thought I may be about to have the squits. Bearing in mind, at this point, I was seven days over my due date, I didn’t feel comfortable when sitting, I tried to go to the toilet but nothing happened. I had to go home. I was living  by myself in a one bedroom flat at the time, it was great! I started texting my mum, as she was my birthing partner, my life saviour, my rock, if you will. I eventually went  to bed but woke up every hour, with a contraction, they were manageable so I kept falling back to…

Hi. Hello. Good Morning. HELLO!

So, over the last few years, since my little big man has been going to school, I have found out that some of us parents can be, how can I put it without possibly offending anyone, I cant, someone is going to get offended over this, extremely Rude and Ignorant. 
Now! I want to start off with my own opinion on the matter, and what I have experienced since my son started school. *Deep breath*
I have been a mum going to the same school for the last 4 years, I don’t have many mum friends, I don’t have my own clique and, to tell you the truth, I don’t particularly want one. In all honesty I like to keep myself to myself. I want to get my son to school and then run back home, shut the door and not come out again until it’s school pick up. But, on the way to school, I will say “Good morning” to anyone that walks past me and I say “Hi” when we walk back home in the afternoon, no one gets ignored. If you’ve had a really crappy morning; you’ve forced yourself out of bed; you may have had a falling…

Moving On, Saving Up.

Quite a different post but, as writing  my thoughts down seems to help me clear my mind and is therefore very therapeutic, I am going to talk about our life. I have been dreading this year in some ways because:- My eldest will be 7.My baby will be 1.Apparently I have to go back to work this year. (Cue Crying)To re-new or not to re-new the contract for our house.

No 4 came first. Although our tenancy doesn't renew until 8th April, we got our contract as soon as the new year started, it needed to be signed and returned by the 13th January, whether we were staying or not. Is this normal! Is this legal? Urghh, they also wanted to put our rent up. I was panicking, thinking that Steve would get on his high horse and go completely overboard, getting into a state of stress and feeling as though he had the weight of the whole world on his shoulders, like he’s going to battle in World War 3. Last year was stressful, I had only just gone on Maternity Leave, and don’t even get me started on Univ…

Before Kids V After Kids

Woohoo!  Finally I am now legally of an age where I can drink copious amounts of alcohol and get disapproving looks from my family as I stumble through the door at 7am.  “Mum I'm off out again”.  I was gone, without a backward glance, off to the next party, out to spend the contents of my pay packet, no responsibilities and no cares.
Now, If ever we want to leave the house, we need at least two hours planning and one hours  preparation. We need to know exactly where we are going and how long for, in order that we can pack the endless number of items that we require, including the travel cot; pushchair; baby food; nappies and extra clothing. (And this is if we only go and visit my mum for a few hours). We have to get up early otherwise by the time we leave the house it will be time to come home. I need to make sure the house is tidy before we go out anywhere because I cannot stand coming home to an untidy house. Bottles need to be prepared; beds need to be ready to jump into, in order…