Moving On, Saving Up.

Quite a different post but, as writing  my thoughts down seems to help me clear my mind and is therefore very therapeutic, I am going to talk about our life. I have been dreading this year in some ways because:- My eldest will be 7.My baby will be 1.Apparently I have to go back to work this year. (Cue Crying)To re-new or not to re-new the contract for our house.

No 4 came first. Although our tenancy doesn't renew until 8th April, we got our contract as soon as the new year started, it needed to be signed and returned by the 13th January, whether we were staying or not. Is this normal! Is this legal? Urghh, they also wanted to put our rent up. I was panicking, thinking that Steve would get on his high horse and go completely overboard, getting into a state of stress and feeling as though he had the weight of the whole world on his shoulders, like he’s going to battle in World War 3. Last year was stressful, I had only just gone on Maternity Leave, and don’t even get me started on Univ…

Before Kids V After Kids

Woohoo!  Finally I am now legally of an age where I can drink copious amounts of alcohol and get disapproving looks from my family as I stumble through the door at 7am.  “Mum I'm off out again”.  I was gone, without a backward glance, off to the next party, out to spend the contents of my pay packet, no responsibilities and no cares.
Now, If ever we want to leave the house, we need at least two hours planning and one hours  preparation. We need to know exactly where we are going and how long for, in order that we can pack the endless number of items that we require, including the travel cot; pushchair; baby food; nappies and extra clothing. (And this is if we only go and visit my mum for a few hours). We have to get up early otherwise by the time we leave the house it will be time to come home. I need to make sure the house is tidy before we go out anywhere because I cannot stand coming home to an untidy house. Bottles need to be prepared; beds need to be ready to jump into, in order…

New Year, New Me!

Yeah right! As if! 
 I have absolutely no reason to think of, or gain anything from, a New Year’s resolution. How have people got time for this? I have enough going on in this wacky little brain of mine without having to add more pressure. I suppose in a way it gives you something to focus on, something  to push towards, in order to reach any goals you have set. I suppose we all have goals, or we all should have goals, its whether  you want to aim for them and succeed or maybe give up just after starting. 
This year has been a tough year, to say the least, but I think in some cases every year can be tough. Sometimes its hard not to dwell on events that happened during the year, but other times it  can be easy for them to be “put to the back of my mind”. This Christmas, since writing my last post,  I think what happened this year has finally sunk in. I have been quite distant in some areas, and haven’t  spoken often enough about it, but going to dinner at my brothers the other day, I fou…

Dear Santa, It's a long story...

Although I’m excited to have time to spend with my sons this Christmas, it is also a time of sadness as this is the first Christmas without my Dad. As you read this I don’t want you feeling sorry for me, this is not that type of post.
After leaving my tedious, tiresome job in January and having my second baby boy in February this year I thought I would be able to spend a relaxing year with my boys. However, fate had other ideas.
In April, after several months of my Dad knowing something was wrong and a few days after he had been to the hospital for tests, he received the telephone call that was to change our lives. The doctor wanted to see him urgently.

Dad knew what was wrong and telephoned his GP immediately “tell me straight doc”. He was given the most devastating news, pancreatic cancer.

I drove my Mum and Dad to the hospital the next day. I kept thinking, what treatment and what help would be available to him.
They came back to the car and I will never forget my Dad’s total acceptance…

The Drama Queen in me!

The Drama Queen In Me
By Drama Queen, I don’t mean drama queen, I mean dramatic, theatrical diva. I love the theatre, every day of my life is like I’m acting on the stage, I try anyway, it really helps the mental state of my mind.
When I start stressing  over my  baby crying when I am changing his nappy I sing out and make up a few moves, even though I have sick in my hair and poo up my nails because he won’t lie still now, but insists on wriggling about. I’m happy because I managed to sleep for an extra hour so I start singing and throw a few ‘jazz hands’, whilst my partner is trying to stir himself from the solid 8 hours sleep he has just had.

Realising that I only have 45 minutes to look half decent and get both boys ready for the school run, I grab the air with my hand (as my sister in law calls it ‘the cloud grab’ )slowly bring it down past my face, whilst singing a gentle tune, escalating into  ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’, I slide across the kitchen floor on my knees whilst playing my electri…


'Are you on your period?'
The question possibly most women get a few times before and during the dreaded 'time of the month'.
Well today I have had it multiple times, and yes, yes I am due on in the next few days, so back off my shit! You're doing my head in and I have pictured your murder a few times in my head, the glazed stare I give you whilst you ask me "you on your period?" 7 different scenarios have gone through my mind
 And it all ends in you unable to breath.

Please tell me you get this as well? Like how do you react with such a shocking question that makes you believe you don't need this shit, every month, a few days before the blood bath begins. It irritates me, it really irritates me.

I am so emotional today, I've wanted to lie in bed and cry today, but instead I've done the usual motherly duties and taken it on the chin of all the insults thrown at me from the other half, "that's your job" , "I'm not doing that,…


Hi Guys/Gals My Name is Florence 

Amazing Make-up by Charlotte Kelly. Please click on the link and follow her
This is me, looking flawlessly flawed, under all that make-up is just another mum trying to find the handbook on how to be the greatest mum possible. heading out for a meal with my family. Then to return home, back to reality, crying as I take my make-up off, looking in the mirror and going 'meh'.
Getting into bed with my Partner as he said to me 'noooo, you’ve taken your make up off?!' My back was the only thing he saw that night.
I have 2, may as well have 3, beautiful children, both boys. 
Currently at home living the high life and wanting to type everything that goes on in this crazy world I live in. 
If you fancy reading more, you'll see what I look like without make-up!
Thank you for taking the time to read this...
Much love X